Eight Pieces of Silk
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This touching memoir of Alex Zelczer, a keen observer and astute reporter of the daily savagery  and  mayhem  of Nazi-controlled  Hungary.  From  the     wretched  ghetto  streets to the ghastly concentration  camp barracks, the  reader  is  swept along on a virtual journey  to  a  man-made Hell.
(Hearthstone Book Review  Feb-2013)

A University Heights resident breaks his silence to pen a memoir on surviving the Holocaust.

(Cleveland Magazine March-1-2013)

This life altering book is a culmination of a lifetime of observations, containing the author’s reflections on the years before, during and after the Holocaust, as well as an invaluable repository of physical, statistical and political information. (Dr. R. Hecht)
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This work is a vivid description of the devilish SS brutality, faithfully yet painfully recorded for eternity. Like a lone star against an inky firmament, however, stands Kapo Schteig who dares to shout a Hebrew warning word buried among his German curses, to save the innocents from additional beatings by the Nazis.

                        (Y. Fried)

More than just a personal history, this chronicle is also that of countless others who did not survive to tell theirs. ....